Korvosa is cursed by virtue of the Crimson Throne

Last chapter

Hightlights of last adventure
1. The group was introduced to a new NPC whose main job was to enlarge himself and smash things. Coldan Hammerbrains or something.
2. We were bade to search for Ven Carlo and the Seneschal, the latter because it is thought that he could assist in deposing The Bitch Queen.
3. To this end, we agreed to search the ….something creepy name labyrinth.
4. We overcame plant skeletons and fungal spores.
5. Also a strange 4 armed creature who had monk abilities.
6. Oh there was a puzzle in the form of a shifting room and levers. Also there were glyphs that caused intense pain and insanity.
7. Callisto, sadly enough, went insane. She was reduced to a babbling idiot, which was funny until we had to face the big boss.
8. Who was an identical match to Vin Carlo, whom we found.
9. But was really a fox headed woman who could fly and was really really hard to hit.
10. Leopold remembered that if he coaxed his magic sword it (and he) would also enlarge.

Although we only had one session at level 8, we gained enough experience to level to 9. Which you know, is awesome.

Loots: We got a ring of evasion which we were going to give to Khyrin, except none of us remembered that being a swashbuckler gives him evasion already so it’s going to Callisto.



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