Chovan Arudapati

A wiry brown man, prematurely balding, with a slightly distracted air.


“Chovan: Male Human(Vuldrani) Wlk1/ElD3/Cst3; CR 7;
Medium Humanoid(human);
HD 4d6+3d8; hp 36;
Init 0; Spd 40 ft/x4, Climb 20 ft/-;
AC 17 (
5 armor, 2 shield), touch 10, flat-footed 17;
Base Atk/Grapple +4/
Full Atk 9 Primary Natural (3d6;20/x2) Ray, +10 Primary Natural, Within 30’ (3d61;20/x2) Ray;
AL CG; SV Fort 6, Ref +3, Will +13;
Str 8 (-1), Dex 10 (
0), Con 10 (0), Int 10 (0), Wis 21 (5), Cha 14 (2);;
Skills: Concentration¹ +10, Diplomacy¹ +19, Heal¹ +8, Hide¹ +10, Knowledge (religion) +8, Knowledge (the planes) +4, Sense Motive¹ +15, Use Magic Device +4;
Skill Tricks: ;
Traits: ;
Flaws: ;
Maneuvers and Stances: ;
Feats: Extra Turning(PH 94), Point Blank Shot(PH 98), Zen Archery(CW 106), Spurn Death’s Touch(LM 30);
Grafts: "

“Racial Abilities:
× Base land speed of 30 feet.
× Bonus Feat: 1st level bonus feat
× Favored Class: Any

Class Abilities:
× Turn Undead(Su): Can turn undead 9 times per day. A turning check is
made on 1d20+4; turning damage is equal to 2d6+6 on a successful check.
× Eldritch Blast(Sp): Ray deals 1d6 damage.
× Gift of the Divine Patron(Su): At 1st level, you gain a sacred gift of
power form your divine patron.
• Cleric Spellcasting


Chovan worships the Empyreal Lord Shei Five Dawns, oracle and messenger of another Empyrean Lord, Sinashakti. Both are among the Thousand Gods of Vudran.

Several decades ago, the followers of Shei noticed that the degree of divine power granted to them abruptly decreased almost to nothing, and since no communication has been received from their deity. The patron Sinashakti supplements their powers to some extent, and they have made a study of combining other sources of power with that.

The followers have spread across the world in search of news of their deity.

The milk cartons weren’t working.

Chovan Arudapati

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