Korvosa is cursed by virtue of the Crimson Throne

Korvosian Tales

We scribe the goings on in accursed Korvosa

Sat, Nov 7th
The Trek to Old Korvosa
The party was asked to find the hero Vin Carlo who was last seen in Old Korvosa. As we entered the city torn apart by anarchy and disease we were waylaid by a group of ruffians who were attracted by our shiny arms and armor. The blackguards were persuaded to disengage their unbidden attack by Leopold’s boisterous cajoling, though he suspects that when he and Kyhrin freed two of the bandits of their lives it helped our case.

Other highlights:
-Went to Vin Carlos’s home where we stopped it from being burned to the ground by two zealots of the Mantis cult. Discovered that Khyrin had no compunctions against torture, also Chovan found a locked silver box in a hidden compartment.

Amen Gelento, a student of Vin’s pointed us to someone who may know the whereabouts of the vigilante. We were persuaded to find the artist, Salvador Scream. We also learned of a madman who calls himself the Emperor of Old Korvosa. He is known to butcher innocents and engage in cannibalism.

We are able to locate Scream’s home where we encounter an adherent of the God of Torture, Zon-Kuthorn. After negotiating with her, we decide to join forces to track Scream down. As we head out the door to track Scream down at the “Emperor’s” domicile, we are attacked by three nasty otyughs.


I think the box Chovan found was iron.

Korvosian Tales

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